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Marine civil engineering and diving services

We have a proven track record in servicing ports, carrying out in-water hull inspections for vessels, and successfully delivering marine civil engineering services

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Our teams have extensive experience delivering marine civil engineering services across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Based on our experience, we have created an efficient and effective delivery methodology which includes an experienced inhouse permanent team of divers and engineers coupled with investment in our plant and equipment to enable our teams to mobilise efficiently and cost effectively.

Our team has carried out diving operations on projects such as outfall pipes, bridge repairs, quay wall undermining and concrete works, power station repairs and inspections, oil and gas IRM services, anode installation, subsea cable installation, vessel repairs and certified inspections.

If you require divers or are facing any subsea challenges, speak to us today to discuss how we can help or advise you.


Our team carry out a range of marine engineering projects for Clients and the team uses their extensive expeirence t. Services include:

  • Marine piling

  • Outfall pipe inspection, surveys and installation

  • Bridge construction, survey and repairs  

  • Power Generating stations inspection, repair and maintenance

  • Underwater welding and burning

  • Installation of SBM, oil and gas interconnector pipelines


Irish Sea Contractors provides diving services and civil works for ports. Our team have a depth of experience, having serviced Dublin Port and Rosslare Europort for over 10 years.

Services include:

  • Marine construction: construction works, undermining repair

  • Quay wall: inspection, maintenance, repair

  • Subsea concrete works: subsea welding and cutting


Irish Sea Contractors is approved by DNV GL Classification Society and Bureau Veritas to carry out in-water hull inspections with our in-house divers/welders qualified to AWS D3.6 m Class A Standard. We offer a full suite of dive services to the shipping industry which include:

  • Hull inspection, maintenance and repair

  • Propeller repairs & polishing

  • Renewing transducers in water

  • Valve and seal replacements

  • Use of mob docks to facilitate dry weld repairs for Class

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