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Supporting the construction, operations and maintenance of offshore renewables projects globally

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Irish Sea Contractors supports construction, operations and maintenance of offshore renewables throughout the world. 

We provide a range of inspection, maintenance, and repair services to some of the biggest offshore renewables organisations. In 2004, our team worked on the construction of Ireland's only offshore windfarm at Arklow Bank. Over the past five years, Irish Sea Contractors has worked on UK offshore windfarms. Some of the recent offshore windfarm works include:

  • Detailed inspections of offshore platforms using a work class ROV

  • Cut and removal of old anchor chain lying beneath a live export cable using a work class ROV

  • Fabrication, supply and installation of continuity cable brackets on windfarms using a work class ROV

The services we provide include:

  • Landfalls preparation such as excavation and inspection of onshore cable sections

  • Pull-in of offshore cable ends and jointing to onshore sections

  • Cable trenching using in-house trenching equipment

  • Pre-Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR)

  • Shore-end civil design and construction

  • Nearshore protection activities

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair services such as: NDT, remedial cable protection, visual and ROV based inspection services

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