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Irish Sea Contractors' innovative spirit coupled with our depth of experience ensures that we always deliver high quality and safe projects on time and within budget, solving complex subsea challenges for our clients

Irish Sea Contractors is at the forefront of the industry, providing a wide range of services for our clients. Check out some of our recent projects to discover what we can do for you.

Subsea Cable Projects
Irish Sea Contractors _ Shore end civil
Power station shore end civils

Irish Sea Contractors delivered all shore-end civil works, including cable burial and protection, on seven power cable crossings (x3.5 km) on the River Shannon at Moneypoint Power Station. These power cables transmit all windfarm energy from Cork and Kerry into the grid at Moneypoint.

Cable installation & burial: UK - NL

In 2021, the Irish Sea Contractors team delivered all shallow water works on the installation of a telecom's submarine cable system between the UK and the Netherlands. Works included pre/post surveys, PLGR, cable lay, burial (1.5 m and 3 m ), mattress installation across cable route, and inspection and testing.  

Irish Sea Contractors_Killala subsea cab
Cable installation & burial: Killala to New York

Irish Sea Contractors delivered all shore-end civil works at Killala which included cable burial in the seabed to a depth of 1 m to 1.5 m. We chartered the mv Granuaile from the Commissioners of Irish Lights for this project. Once completed, the Transatlantic Cable Ship continued laying the cable to America.

ISC_Rockabil Fibre Optic Cable 3
Cable installation: Portrane, Ireland & Southport UK

Irish Sea Contractors carried out cable installation and cable burial to 1.5 m depth including mattress protection where required in the Irish Sea. This included all shore-end civil works at both PLSE Portrane (8 km) and PLSE Southport (18 km). Irish Sea Contractors chartered mx Roxanne Z from Jifmar for this project.

Greenlink Interconnector

The Greenlink is a subsea and underground electricity interconnector linking the power markets in Ireland and Great Britain.

Irish Sea Contractors completed enabling works in Pembroke Wales in 2022, and Wexford Ireland in 2023.

Subsea Cable projects
Arklow Bank Windfarm

Irish Sea Contractors completed multiple underwater works during the construction phase of the Arklow Bank Offshore Windfarm. The team carried out work on the seven turbines, work which included grouting works, inspections, and re-routing of export cables around archaeological sites.

Irish Sea Contractors Offshore Energy Se
Fabrication, supply & installation of
continuity cable brackets

Irish Sea Contractors completed the fabrication, supply and installation of 550 x continuity cable brackets. The brackets were installed on turbines using a work class ROV. This was the first time this specific engineering task was completed without putting divers in the water on this client's offshore windfarms. Our team perfected the methodology in our subsea innovation facility using a mock tower with strong tides prevailing until the task was mastered. Because of this, our team completed the project faster than expected.

Irish Sea Contractors_Welders & Fabricat
Servicing of drilling rig

Irish Sea Contractors provided 6G coded welders on board Ocean Rig's semi-submersible drilling rig, "Erik Raude". Due to the quality of the team, we were selected as the only supplier of fabricators for four years, until its retirement in 2016. Our team worked on the rig in Sierra Leone, Gambia, the Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ireland and Falkland Islands.

Offshore energy projects
Offshore energy projects
Marine civil engineering & diving projects
Port Maintenance

Irish Sea Contractors provides diving services and marine civil engineering to both Dublin Port Company and Rosslare Europort, and has done so for over 10 years. This work has included marine construction, quay wall works, subsea concrete works, and ship maintenance. The team also recently completed the installation of 393 anodes in Greenore Port.

Irish Sea Contractors_​Below-surface rep
Shipping services

MV Pantanal, a 7,000-tonne heavy lift vessel, suffered severe bottom damage to its hull after dragging anchor and going ashore off the west coast of Ireland. Irish Sea Contractors first completed a detailed hull survey to GL standard, and then carried out urgent temporary repairs to enable the vessel to sail to Bremerhaven for drydocking. Our 10-man diver welding team carried out extensive plating repairs to seven holes and cuts in the hull. After 50 hours of underwater welding, the vessel was completely sealed and set sail.

Marine Engineering

Irish Sea Contractors has extensive exerience delivering marine engineering and diving services. Recent works have included concrete works on powerstation, inspection and repairs of bridges, underwater welding, underwater inspection and surveys.  

2014-11-26 13.00.04.jpg
Outfall pipe works

Irish Sea Contractors has completed outfall pipe installation and inspection projects for 15+ years. Works have included diving services on installation of 900 m HDPE pipe in 2022, inspection of outfall mark buoys,  installation of 170 m HDPE outfallpipe in Kinvara in 2015, installation of 220 m HDPE pipe in Dunmore Strand in 2014.

Shipping & Port Projects
Our clients
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