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A summer roundup of projects

It has been a busy few months for our marine engineering and diving services teams. We completed multiple projects such as:

  • Port inspection, repair and maintenance works

  • Vessel inspections and emergency repairs

  • Power station inspection, repair and maintenance

  • Outfall installation and inspection works

  • Bridge inspections and repairs

  • General diving works i.e. connection of navigation buoys, inspection and repair of mooring systems

Here is a sample of the works completed:

Port inspection, repairs and maintenance works

Irish Sea Contractors is the leading port diving contractor in Ireland, with framework agreements in place with both Dublin Port and Rosslare Europort. The team has also been carrying out works in Greenore Port. Over the past few months work has included:

  • Underwater concrete works to repair undermining on pier walls

  • Berth and ramp inspection surveys

  • Anode installation works

For the next few months, the team has a busy schedule carrying out concrete repairs, inspections, and anode installation works.

Power station works

Over the past couple of months, we have completed works on multiple power stations for clients such as ESB, SSE, APC. The works included:

  • Underwater concrete works to repair stilling basin floor

  • Underwater survey inspections

  • Cleaning of dam beam rails, coarse gates, and bottom sills

  • Removal of debris and replacement of rope to secure boom

  • Inspection and cleaning of fisheries intake screen

  • Inspection of turbine runner and throat area

  • Visual and CTV inspections of intake pipes

Vessel inspections and emergency repairs

Over the past 3 months, the ISC team has carried out inspections and repair works on 10 vessels. The vessels included passenger ferries, RORO cargo, offshore supply vessel, fishing vessel, bulk carrier, container ship. Our team mobilised for emergency repairs which included:

  • Inspection and repair of sensor after vessel ran aground

  • Removal of obstructions such as ropes and fishing gear

Other vessel works included:

  • Classified underwater surveys to DNV and Bureau Veritas standards

  • Installation and removal of steel plates

  • Paint sample collection

Outfall pipe installation works

ISC completed diving support works for Van Oord on the outfall pipe installation off Arklow, Co. Wicklow Ireland. The team completed works such as underwater inspection surveys, installation of the risers/protection frames, covering of the pipe with rock armour.

In addition, the ISC team carried out an inspection of the shaft wall and completed underwater cutting of 23 sheet piles for Ward & Burke, cutting the sheet piles of the cofferdam to the closest point possible to the concrete level on the inside of the cofferdam.

General diving projects

In addition, the team also completed works such as:

  • Repair of chains on swimming raft

  • Connecting navigation buoys with chains to mooring points

  • Bridge inspection and repair works

  • Inspection and repair of mooring systems


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